How to prevent a painful flare-up in South Shore dermatology

How to prevent a painful flare-up in South Shore dermatology

Queenslanders will soon have to deal with a new face, as the state’s most prestigious dermatology hospital will close its doors for good.

Key points:The Vale of Glamorgan Hospital will close after 31 yearsIt will affect up to 40 peopleThe Vale will be replaced by another hospital in BrisbaneThe closure comes after a series of deadly coronavirus cases and rising rates of skin cancerIn a letter sent to patients and their families, Vale chief executive Dr Craig Fenton said Vale would be closing on October 16.

“The Vale has been in operation for 31 years and has been providing exceptional care to the residents of Vale, with the greatest degree of compassion and commitment to patients,” Dr Fenton wrote.

“In a time of significant stress, the closure of Vale is not only inevitable, it is a decision that is unavoidable.”

Dr Fenton added Vale’s staff were not being offered the opportunity to move on to a new position, which he said would not be appropriate.

“It is not our intention to change the roles of staff members or their roles, and therefore the Vale of Galli will be closed for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.’

No further opportunities’Dr Finton said staff would be offered the chance to relocate to Brisbane, but only if they accepted.

“We do not want any further opportunities to move to Brisbane as there is no more opportunity for our patients to receive the care they deserve,” he said.

“At the moment, Vale of Galway is one of the best dermatology hospitals in Australia.”

A number of our patients have been with Vale for 30 years and are proud to be associated with the Vale.

“Our priority is the wellbeing of patients, but there is nothing more important to us than ensuring the well-being of our staff and patients.”

The Vale closed in 2011, when it had around 2,000 residents, including some of the world’s top dermatologists.

Dr Fitton said Vale had been in continuous operation since 1992.

“Since the start of the current downturn, Vale has experienced a number of significant operational and financial challenges,” he told the ABC.

“Some of these challenges were unavoidable, but others were not.”

Dr Nalini Kumar, a resident of the Vale, said she and her husband had been living in the hospital for over 30 years.

“I’ve been here for 30-odd years, and I think it’s a great time to go,” she said.”[They have] been fantastic to me.

I haven’t had any flare ups.”

Dr Kumar said it was unfortunate that Vale had faced such a number, but it had been a great facility.

“There was a period of time that Vale was very unstable, and there were some really big issues that were faced there, but Vale is now a very stable hospital.”

Now they are going to have to adapt to the new circumstances, but I think Vale is a very safe place.

“Dr Ramanan Khemka, who is also a resident at Vale, told the BBC Vale had treated patients for skin cancer, and the hospital had a reputation for high standards of care.”

What I love about Vale is that there are very good, really good doctors,” she told the news program.”

When I came here, I thought Vale was a very dangerous place to come, but since I’ve been there I’ve found it to be a very healthy place.

“She said Vale’s success could be attributed to a combination of patient care and strong leadership.”

They’ve always had a great reputation for the kind of care they provide, and that’s what I like to see from Vale.

Vale’s patients have always had the best care, and it’s not a place where people just come and ask for treatment,” Dr Khemkasaid.”

That’s where Vale really shines.

They treat you, they understand your condition and they treat you in a way that’s comfortable, that’s helpful.

“Dr Khemkasaid said she was happy that Vale would close, and wished them all the best.”

This has been a wonderful time at Vale and we hope it will be a long time,” she wrote.

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