How to be a good player: Lessons learned from the Italian squad

How to be a good player: Lessons learned from the Italian squad

In this week’s edition of Football Italian, we take a look at some of the tactics that have worked and some of those that have not in the first part of this season’s La Liga campaign.

We take a closer look at the tactics employed by Milan’s squad, who are unbeaten in seven games and just three points behind Real Madrid with five games to play. 

What was the first lesson learned from Milan’s first league win?

The first lesson Milan learned from their victory at Real Madrid was the importance of maintaining possession.

The first goal was scored on the counter-attack, and as the team struggled to keep possession, it became clear that it would be a tricky task to make things interesting on the break. 

“It was a good result for us.

I’m really happy with the result, because we started the game well,” explained Antonio Cassano. 

The team was already winning possession in their own half, but had been unable to break down the Spanish side.

“The first goal came from the counter attack, and then in the second half we started to make a lot of attacks.

It’s a good sign,” said Antonio. 

Why did Milan score first? 

“They’re playing with great quality and with good quality of players,” said Alessandro Del Piero.

“They have great quality, and that’s why they were able to score first goal.

I think it was important to score early, to make sure we won the ball, because in the middle of the pitch we would have had problems in the box.” 

What do you make of Milan’s style? 

The first half was a struggle for the team, but it wasn’t the end of the game.

Milan had some chances to win the ball back in the third minute, but were unable to do so. 

On the counter, Alessandro Di Francesco was instrumental, creating the goal.

He also provided an assist on the opener. 

Will Milan score again? 

This season’s Serie A campaign will see Milan play six more games, with six games remaining in the campaign. 

With the return of Mario Balotelli, Alessio Romagnoli and Giorgio Chiellini, Milan will have a chance to make an impression on the rest of the season. 

Are you excited about this year’s La Diablanca? 


Do you think the team will win the league? 


Where does Milan rank in the table? 

16th in Serie A. How do you see the future of Milan? 

I’m really excited. 

Have you seen any of the other teams Milan have been playing? 

They’re doing very well. 

Who is the best player on the team? 

Mario Balotella. 

Which team has the best goalkeeper? 

Antonio Cassano The Italian keeper was excellent, with five saves. 

If I was Milan I would be worried. 

Is Milan going to do anything else? 

It depends on what happens in the next game. 

Did you see any of Juventus’ players? 


Should Juventus stay or go? 

We won’t make any decision for now. 

Were you surprised to lose? 


Can Milan score goals again?


Has the team changed since last season? 

Well, yes. 

When did you realise that you are not the player you once were? 

At the beginning of the campaign, but I’ve improved a lot. 

As soon as the new coach arrived I started to work harder and better. 

Does Milan have a better style than last season, or are they just better? 

In the first half, we were the better team, we created more chances and we defended better.

But after the second and third half, they were more comfortable. 

You had a very tough game, did you feel that was a tactical error? 

When we were struggling, we tried to play with a lot more confidence. 

Antonello Galliani, the assistant coach, said that he had been training for the game with Milan for three days and that he was happy with his team’s performance. 

Was the goal a penalty? 

Not at all. 

For the first time since the start of the year, Antonio Cassino had a hand in the goal, making a great save. 

He had the best chance to score, as he had to block a shot from Mario Balota, but the keeper saved the effort. 

I know some people may have doubts about his decision to give the penalty, but that’s because he was very calm and collected, which I appreciate. 

And finally, what was the best thing about this match? 

Thank you for the interview! 

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