Franklin dermatologist who’s known for treating ‘hyperhidrosis’ says it’s ‘not a cure’

Franklin dermatologist who’s known for treating ‘hyperhidrosis’ says it’s ‘not a cure’

Franklin, TN – A Franklin resident and longtime dermatologist is making a name for himself by treating “hyperhidria,” a rare disorder that can lead to sweating, difficulty breathing and even paralysis.

Dr. Robert S. Franklin, MD, was named a “Living Legend” by the American College of Dermatology (ACD) and has been featured in several movies.

He is known for his pioneering work in dermatology and his work with patients with hyperhidrosis.

“I’ve had more patients than I can count that have never had a normal day and have been unable to breathe,” Franklin said.

“And if you’re hyperhidric, you’re a diabetic, you’ve had heart disease or cancer.

If you have a disease that affects your skin, it’s a pretty bad prognosis.”

Franklin was one of the first to use a skin patch to treat hyperhidria, an ailment he first discovered in the 1980s.

In 2010, he and his wife began working on a more powerful, more specific patch for hyperhidrian.

The result?

A patch that contains a synthetic substance that works by blocking sweat glands, a process that produces an allergic reaction.

In the last few years, Franklin has made a name as a dermatologist by performing high-quality skin examinations, diagnosing skin conditions and treating hyperhidritis.

But in an interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, he said the real impact of his work comes from his patient-centric approach to treating hyperidrosis.

“If you have any hyperhidrogenous skin disorder, it could affect you, or you might develop a more severe disease,” Franklin explained.

“You might have to go into surgery, but the benefit of it is you don’t have to be sick.

You don’t go through a whole lot of surgery.

You can go in there and be treated.”

Franklin is one of only a few medical professionals in the world who has developed a patch specifically to treat and prevent hyperhidriasis.

The patch is made of synthetic collagen, a natural material that naturally forms under skin and is made from natural, naturally occurring substances.

The artificial substance has a pH of around 4.5, which is ideal for treating hyperhylens, a condition where the body is unable to absorb collagen from the skin.

“It works because it’s chemically made and it’s natural,” Franklin added.

“If you don, it doesn’t do anything.”

The patch was created through Franklin’s personal collaboration with dermatologist Dr. William M. McDaniel.

He and Franklin are co-directors of the Center for Skin Research at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The two also work with Dr. Christopher M. Ehrlich, MD.

Franklin has been treating hyperdoses of hyperhidris for nearly two decades.

He has seen patients who were already experiencing hyperhidroids before they started taking the patch.

They often experienced problems breathing, skin burning and fatigue.

They needed to be hospitalized, Franklin said, because the patches were causing them pain.

The treatment also caused them to feel depressed and confused.

“When you’re depressed, you get hyperhidratic mood swings and the person becomes hyperhidrinergic,” Franklin continued.

“But when you’re in a hyperhidripatic state, you don’ get any hyperhilarinergic, so you’re not getting any mood swings.

When you’re stressed, you become hyperhidrosensitive and you’re sweating profusely.

This makes you feel tired and unwell.”

“It’s not a cure” Franklin said he was reluctant to prescribe the patch to patients because it wasn’t a cure.

He had no prior experience treating hyperhyrosis, so he was wary of doing so.

But the patient-centered approach to hyperhidristic therapy has helped him treat patients who had not yet had a hyperhilic episode.

“We have been able to get so many patients to go back and they can now be treated,” Franklin told Gupta.

“They’re getting the treatment they need.”

Franklin’s work has also helped the American Academy of Dermalogists (AAAD) recognize him as a living legend.

The organization has also recognized Franklin as an “American Living Legend.”

“He’s the father of the patch, and he’s the leader of the whole patch,” said AAAD President and CEO Dr. Michael Osterholm.

“He has done a lot of work in the field of treating hyperhydrogenemia, but what he’s done in the skin is outstanding.”

Franklin, who has treated more than 200 patients, said his work has helped improve the lives of people who had hyperhidrology.

“Hyperhidrosis is an important problem for people, because it affects everyone,” Franklin noted.

“People don’t know that they can get it.

I think the people who

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