North Shore dermatologists offer ‘super’ treatment for North Shore outbreak

North Shore doctors say they are offering a super treatment for the North Shore’s skin disorder, Dermatitis, in hopes of boosting sales.

The South Shore dermatology network said Wednesday it is offering a special treatment for Dermatitic Inflammation, a rare skin condition that affects the skin’s inner lining.

“We are pleased to have this treatment to offer our patients, but also to remind them that Dermatism is a condition of life and one that needs to be managed,” Dr. David Linton, a dermatologist at the South Shore and co-author of the Dermatics Treatment Guide, told The Associated Press.

Dermatitis affects about 8,000 people in the region.

About 1.5 percent of the country’s dermatologists work in the South, according to the American Society of Dermatology.

South Shore dermatologist Dr. Michael Zullo said patients can receive two doses of the special treatment.

He said patients with the disorder may need to go for a dermatologic examination and a follow-up visit once their condition improves.

“We really want to encourage our patients to talk to their dermatologists and get that information, and then be prepared to go out and find that doctor and go in,” he said.

Dr. Linton said it’s rare for the condition to be so poorly controlled in people with Dermatitics, which usually manifests as dry, peeling skin, a thin layer of fat and sometimes swelling.

North Shore dermatosologists are treating Dermatite Inflammations with a new treatment called Dermatotics Treatment Guide.

Patients will be given the first dose, which costs $1,000 and can be delivered via mail, Linton told the AP.

They will be followed by two more treatments, which cost $1.25, and a third treatment that costs $2,500.

Linton said Dermatisms Treatment Guide is being distributed through a variety of sources and is available in several languages.

Dr. Zullos said the South Coast is the best place for Dermitis patients to find the dermatologist and have their condition evaluated by a doctor who is qualified to diagnose Dermatites.

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