What’s the future of skin care?

By Mark A. SmithAssociated dermatologyUCsf dermatologists have a new leader: dermatologist-to-be Dimitri Derani.

He’ll be the third UCsf associate professor of dermatology in 2018, following Dr. Darshan Mehta and Dr. Mark T. Wilson.

He joins a roster of prominent UCsf faculty who will also have their own specialty areas.

He also joins the list of UCsf dentists who are adjunct professors of dermatologic medicine.

Dr. Dimitri is also the first UCsf professor of pediatrics to be affiliated with the UC Berkeley School of Medicine.

He will teach courses in pediatric dermatology and pediatrics, with a focus on prevention of pediatric and adult onset inflammatory skin disease.

The UCsf Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons will also see a new associate professor in the field.

He is the first assistant professor of pediatric dermatologic surgery to be associated with the School of Pediatrics.

The newly appointed associate professor is a first in UCsf history.

Dr Dimitri’s appointment comes just months after he was named associate dean of pediatric medicine, following the resignation of Dr. Thomas J. Whelan.

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