Bay Area dermatologist explains how to cure acne

Bay Area dermatologist explains how to cure acne

The dermatologist behind a popular online acne treatment says it is worth trying a little of everything to get rid of it.

In an exclusive interview with The Bay Area News Group, Dr. Laura Perna, who has operated out of a home in the city for 15 years, said it is important to treat acne using a variety of different types of treatments.

Here are a few suggestions: 1.

Use a different cleanser for each type of acne.

Dr. Pernas most effective treatment is using an oil cleanser that cleanses the pores.

It does not remove the oil from the skin, she said.


Use different cleansers in different order.

In her home, Dr Pernabas uses the same formula for every type of skin irritation, including acne.

The cleanser should be applied on the first two or three days after a break-in, she explained.


Use moisturizer in the morning and evening, when acne occurs.

Dr Pennas recommended using a hydrating moisturizer to moisturize your face and scalp.


Use topical creams to minimize the damage to your skin.


Use cream cleansers for oily, acne-prone skin and then a cleanser or face wash afterward.


Use an emollient cleanser, and also apply the cream to your eyes.

She said it’s important to use a light and clean cleanser to get the best results.


Use water and a cleansers oil, which should be mixed with a mild soap and water.

Dr Paul Turetsky, a dermatologist at the University of Southern California, said Dr Pensa’s formula works well for the majority of people, although it can be a bit confusing to some people who don’t know how to use it.

Dr Turetson said he often uses a cream cleanser.

“It cleanses like a cream, but it is actually very gentle and not greasy.

It’s a very gentle cleanser.”


Use oil cleansers as needed for a specific type of irritant.


Use facial cleansers, and avoid use of a cleansing foam.

Dr Niles Bessette, a skin care expert at the dermatology practice of Dr. Turety and Associates in San Francisco, said a cleansering foam can be an effective way to remove the oily, flaky skin.

Dr Bessettes recommended using one of the products from the Besset soap line.

The foam cleanses your skin with a light touch.


Use cleansing oil cleansering creams.

Drs Bessett and Tureney said the oils in Bessetts cleansers will leave skin feeling clean and hydrated, and they also remove any remaining oils that are on the skin.


Use mild soap to remove excess oil from skin.


Use creams that moisturize the skin and are non-greasy.


Use hydrators and moisturizers that have been tested to be safe for the skin that they are used on. 14.

Use anti-aging creams and sunscreens.


Use gentle, moisturizing serums and hydrants.


Use the sunscreen that has been tested for its safety.


Use cleansers containing vitamin E. 18.

Use skin-conditioning creams, hydrates and other products that help to keep skin moisturized.


Use oils to cleanse skin and help the skin to return to a natural state of health.

Dr Elizabeth R. Pomerantz, a clinical dermatologist and dermatologist in Oakland, said her treatment is based on the belief that there are many different types and degrees of acne that occur in different skin types.

Her treatment works best for those who have a skin type that is dry and prone to eczema, which is caused by a lack of sebum.

“The way I like to do it is with a cleansing cream that cleans the skin,” she said, adding that it is not a cream.

“My skin is very dry.

I do a lot of cleansing.

It helps me get rid the acne and the excess sebum.”

Dr. R.R. Taretsky, an acne specialist at the California Academy of Dermatology, said his skin is not prone to acne.

But his acne is very sensitive and he needs a ton of care to get better, he said.

“I would recommend getting a facial cream that is formulated for dry skin and a moisturizer and a serum.

And I would also recommend using the creams for oily and acne prone skin.”

Dr Pervaso said the cream that she uses is an oil-based cleanser called Tame Oil.

It contains coconut oil, and it helps to keep the skin moisturised.

The cream cleanses in two to three days.

Dr. Pervasse has been a professional dermatologist for the past 25 years, and she said she was shocked to see the number of people who

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