How to avoid skin infections with the germs from the flu

How to avoid skin infections with the germs from the flu

A cold, flu-like symptoms or a persistent cough can be a sign of a serious infection.

The Irish Medical Association says there is no specific vaccine to prevent the flu, but doctors should be vigilant.

They should also be aware that they may be exposed to germs.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you should contact your GP immediately.

You may have a fever.

Your temperature is too high.

Your breathing is irregular.

Your pulse is too slow.

Your eyes are red or have a red cast.

If these symptoms are present, contact your doctor right away.

They may suggest an injection or contact lenses to ease the pain.

If this is the case, contact a GP to discuss the appropriate course of action.

If your symptoms are mild, you may need a cold pack.

The best time to get a cold is during the early morning.

In the morning you may feel fine, and you may get to sleep.

You might feel fine but the flu can start in the afternoon and last for several hours.

You will likely need to wear a mask and goggles for at least a few hours after you get the cold.

If the flu virus is still active, you can get a flu shot.

The flu shot contains the flu vaccine.

It can be administered in the usual way.

If it’s the flu and you’re not feeling well, you could still be at risk.

If, however, you’re already feeling well and you’ve been vaccinated, you are at higher risk of infection.

Your GP will be able to tell you more about the flu shot, and if it is safe for you to get the shot, they will be happy to explain how it is taken.

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