Which Irish doctors have more experience with skin cancer?

The answer to that question might surprise you.

There are three of them, all in Ireland, but none are dermatologists.

The first is Dr James Egan, who is based in Dublin.

Dr Egan is the senior dermatologist in the UCC division of dermatology at the UCD.

His job is to treat people with skin conditions that are related to skin cancer.

“I am a consultant dermatologist and I treat patients for skin conditions in relation to cancer,” he said.

He said it was a good balance between the doctor and patient, and that there was no need to take any medication.

On the other hand, Dr Peter Nevin, the UCT chief dermatologist, said that a good dermatologist must be experienced with a range of skin conditions and be able to differentiate between skin cancer and benign skin lesions.

What are the conditions Dr Egan and Dr Nevin treat?

Dr Egon, who has more than 25 years of experience in the dermatology field, said he treated patients with melanoma and melanoma related skin conditions.

They include skin cancers related to melanoma, cysts, melanomas of the eye and melanomas on the mouth, face and hands.

Melanoma of the mouth is an uncommon form of melanoma but he said he would treat patients with it.

You have to get rid of the cancer cells in the mouth.

There is no cure for melanoma of this type.

A lot of people get a little bit of a reaction.

It is very unpleasant and they may be very uncomfortable.

The doctor will usually prescribe a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs and some antibiotics.

Some patients get an ulcer or nodule in the eye.

Another type of melanomas, called granulomas, are more common and are associated with the melanoma skin cells in your hair follicles.

They may have a scar or swelling, and it can affect your vision.

Malignant melanomas are more advanced.

They have a more aggressive disease.

The doctors would usually treat them with chemotherapy, but Dr Egon said they usually had to wait for about two to three years to have the cancer removed.

Do I have to be a dermatologist?

Dr Nevin said that the dermatologist needed to have a good understanding of the skin cancer, and the way it was affected by the treatments.

He said that dermatologists were also expected to have good oral hygiene.

We would prescribe anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, painkillers, anti-nausea drugs and anti-depressants.

But he said that some patients might require more care, and would need a specialist in dermatology.

Dr Eagan said he had to balance between patients and their doctors, and stressed that the best way to treat skin cancers was to have people who were experienced in treating skin conditions, rather than having a dermatological degree.

Why are there so few dermatologists in Ireland?

Dr O’Donoghue said the problem was that there are not enough dermatologists to fill the gap.

There are a few reasons, he said, but the main reason was that the population was ageing.

Many dermatologists do not know how to care for skin cancers.

There were more than 2,000 dermatologists who graduated from medical school last year.

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