Jeff Gordon’s ‘Blessed’ to Have a Dermaphrodite on his Neck

Jeff Gordon’s ‘Blessed’ to Have a Dermaphrodite on his Neck

In an article published Monday by the Los Angeles Times, the legendary golfer revealed that his wife and his ex-wife have a “blessed” daughter named Charlotte.

“It’s just a special time,” Gordon said of his daughter’s pregnancy.

“I love her very much.”

Charlotte was born July 12, 2013.

She is now 8 months old.

“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me,” Gordon told the paper.

“She’s just so sweet.

She loves playing.

I just want to be able to have her, but I can’t.

So she’s just the best for me.

That’s the beauty of having a child with a Derraphy.”

Charlotte, the daughter of Jeff Gordon and his wife, Stephanie, and his mother, Mary, is the second daughter of the late golf legend and the father of his two sons, Andrew and Jordan.

The oldest of the three is 6 years old.

The girls will be born at the beginning of next month.

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