Dr. Durango dermatologist posts a selfie of herself wearing a new facial cream

Dr. Durango dermatologist posts a selfie of herself wearing a new facial cream

Dr. Eliza T. Durang is an internationally recognized dermatologist and medical director of the Pacific Northwest College of Dermatology, a clinical research center in Seattle.

She’s also a popular face care expert on social media, where she has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

Dr. T. has a new face cream she created for her patients that looks like a makeup remover.

She shared it on Instagram this week and wrote that it has “some wonderful properties that are great for my patients, too.”

In her post, Dr. Turbine described the ingredients in the new cream as: “Tartan, Biotin, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Polyglyceryl-2-Acrylate.

These ingredients have the power to dissolve the toughest skin pigments and help the skin feel soft and smooth.”

Dr. Durange is also promoting the product through her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

She says it’s “an effective facial cleansing cream, that is designed to help the face feel softer and more radiant.”

In a message posted to Dr. Munday’s Instagram account, Drs.

Turcine and Durang describe the facial cream as a “beautiful and hydrating facial skin cleanser” that helps to “cleanse the skin and prevent signs of aging.”

In another post, she said, “This facial cleanser is designed for those who have had sensitive skin for a long time and are looking to cleanse their face.

It is infused with a moisturizing formula, and contains Biotina and Lactic acid.”


Duranguine and Turbin are promoting the new facial cleansers through Dr. Surman’s Instagram and Dr. DeMarco’s Facebook pages.

The products are sold under the brand name The Positives, and the company has received positive reviews from consumers.

In one Instagram post, a patient wrote, “I am really impressed with The Pushes, they have a nice, creamy scent that does not overpower the face and scalp.

They also smell great.”

Dr Turbines post about the facial creams has more positive reviews.

In her post titled, “Beautiful facial cleansing products for skin aging,” she writes, “These facial cleanses are amazing for all skin types.

They help to break down the tough skin pigmentation, allowing the skin to heal more quickly.”

Dr Durango posted a photo of herself with the new face care product in a makeup mirror on Instagram, captioned, “It smells great, it feels great.

It’s so effective, so natural and so gentle.”

Dr Draymond is also in the midst of a facial cleansing campaign for his patients, and he is sharing a picture of himself with the facial cleansing product on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Just received a brand new face cleanser that smells great!

I love it so much!

Thank you!”

He also posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Drs Turbini and Durango in a hotel room.

Dr. Draymecos facial cleansed in a beauty salon in New York City.

(Photo by JEFF DEVON/Getty Images)In the same post, he writes, I can’t wait to share this product with all my patients!

This is one of the best face products I’ve ever used, and I can tell you it’s a wonderful skin care product for anyone that has sensitive skin.

I’m also so excited to share it with my patients who are looking for a face product that has all of the same benefits and is designed with your skin in mind.

Thanks for making me so happy!

“Dr. DeMarcus Durango, a dermatologist in Seattle, shared a photo with his Instagram account this week of him and Dr Turbino in a spa, holding a facial cleansering brush, and a picture captioned: “Love this facial cleansr.

It smells amazing.

And I feel like it cleansed all of my skin.

“Dr Munday is also taking advantage of Dr. Drabango’s new facial products on Instagram and on his Facebook page.

He shared a post this week titled, “#Dr.

Durango and Dr Dr.

Drabango, I love you guys!

Love you too!

“In the post, the dermatologist described the facial products as:”Biotin (a naturally occurring, naturally-occurring molecule), Sodium Hyalinuronate (a non-ionic acid), and Poly glyceryl stearate (an ingredient found in many moisturizers).

These ingredients are very effective for the skin as they help to reduce the appearance of dry, rough skin.

“According to Dr Durango on his Instagram, the facial cleansing creams are available in two flavors, one of which contains Bioderma’s proprietary Biotine-Sensitive Cleansing Cream, which Dr. Dabango describes as a skin care treatment

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