‘Vanguard Dermatology’ Review: It’s a Beauty Journal

‘Vanguard Dermatology’ Review: It’s a Beauty Journal

VANCOUVER—Vanguard dermatologists say they have received more than 3,000 applications for the company’s new Dermatolink product, which they say is a way to keep skin looking healthy without all the potential side effects of conventional sunscreen.

But the dermatology group has received a number of complaints from patients that the products may contain ingredients they believe could harm their skin, including mercury, which is banned in Canada, and aldehydes, which are banned in the U.S. The Dermatologic Group of America said in a statement it has received about 3,500 requests for Dermatelink since the launch of the product in the fall.

Dermatologist Dr. David J. Ritter said the group has not seen any problems with the products, but that the first batch of Dermatologie had been tested on animals and received a green light for marketing.

He said the company is working with its U.K. and European partners to review the testing results.

The company has not yet released a product list.

DermaGuard is a topical gel, which can be applied to the skin or directly onto it.

The gel is a blend of ingredients including water, coconut oil, coconut, sodium hyaluronate, magnesium hyaluronic acid and potassium sorbate, and is approved for use in dermatological and cosmetic products.

The skin-care brand was launched in April and offers products ranging from a cream to a face shield, and has been approved in Canada and the U

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