Doctor says Knee Replacement ‘Won’t Save Your Life’

Doctor says Knee Replacement ‘Won’t Save Your Life’

It sounds like an old joke but a new study suggests that using a knee replacement could be harmful.

A group of dermatologists at Duke University, in North Carolina, surveyed 6,000 women who had undergone knee replacements and 6,800 women who did not have knee replacements.

Researchers found that the rate of complications during the six-month study was 2.7 percent, or about 1.5 million procedures. 

But, in a follow-up study, the researchers found that a knee reconstruction that lasted six months increased the risk of complications by more than 20 percent.

The average time between surgery and recovery was 12 weeks, and the women who received the most extensive knee reconstruction had a significantly higher risk of knee complications.

“The women who have had the most knee reconstruction procedures are at higher risk for complications,” said Dr. Mark F. Goodman, one of the study authors and an associate professor at Duke. 

Goodman and his co-authors found that people with knee problems are much more likely to have a problem than people without knee problems.

The study authors also note that knee injuries are the number one cause of preventable disability and death in the United States.

“We have this assumption that knee injury is somehow a chronic problem and we’re just dealing with a few years after an injury,” Goodman said.

“But it’s not.

It’s more complicated than that.”

According to Goodman, there are many ways to improve a patient’s quality of life, including strengthening the joint, strengthening the ligaments, and strengthening the muscles in the knees.

But the researchers say that the most important thing is to be sure that your knee is properly functioning and that your knees are healthy. 

The authors recommend that you wear a knee brace during your knee surgery, and keep a log of the procedure, including when you first took the knee.

The next step is to ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of the reconstruction, and how you can make sure that you are taking steps to minimize the risk. 

“If we are going to go ahead and do this, we need to make sure we’re doing it right,” Goodman told the Huffington Post.

“We’re going to need to know what the risks are, and what the benefits are.

I think there is a lot of good evidence that is out there, but the most critical part is to figure out what’s best for your patient.”

Goodman has been a patient for 20 years and is a practicing family physician.

He said that his research is a good starting point for anyone looking to improve their quality of care.

“I think the best thing is the work that we are doing, and I think the worst thing is not having the data,” Goodman added.

“I think we have to start to look at our own experiences and understand what is the best for our patients, and we have a lot to learn.”

Goodlands research has found that women with knee injuries were more likely than women without knee injuries to have more complications after knee surgery.

However, the authors did not find any evidence that knee problems increase the risk for mortality, the most common cause of death in patients with knee pain.

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