Medical dermatology: What you need to know

Medical dermatology: What you need to know

Medical dermatologists, like dermatologists everywhere, will tell you that a skin care routine with a little extra help is all that is needed. 

But that doesn’t mean that all skin care professionals are qualified to provide skin care. 

In fact, there is a large gap in the medical field that is often overlooked and ignored by medical professionals. 

So what is a dermatologist to do when a skin health concern strikes? 

What is the best way to approach a skin concern, when a physician or other healthcare professional is having trouble? 

Here are some common questions dermatologists and other healthcare professionals need to be asking when a patient’s health concerns strike them.

What is a skin safety question?

A skin safety questionnaire is a questionnaire that a dermatology patient may be asked to fill out when they come to their dermatologist for a skin test. 

The questions include questions such as:What are the skin characteristics of my skin type?

What are my skin triggers?

How often do I get allergic reactions?

What is my skin condition?

What causes acne?

What do I do if my skin has signs of infection?

What skin conditions are rare in my area?

What types of treatments have been effective in managing my skin problem?

What kinds of skin care products are available?

What kind of skin treatments are available in my city?

What type of skincare products do I use?

What does my doctor recommend?

What steps should I take if I have a skin condition like eczema or eczemas?

What should I do to prevent further skin issues from occurring?

What options do I have when my skin is already inflamed or if I think my skin may need to see an ophthalmologist?

What medications do I need?

What tests do I always need to have?

What can I do when I think I may have a serious skin condition such as acne or psoriasis?

What will my doctor do if I am allergic to any of these things?

What if I need a topical treatment, such as benzoyl peroxide?

What about acne, psorabies, psoriatic dermatitis or other skin conditions?

What happens if I get a skin infection or skin disorders?

What triggers are triggered by my skin care regimen?

What other skin care issues do I see in my patients?

What products are out there to help me control my skin?

What foods and supplements are out of date or not safe for me?

What am I going to do if a skin disease such as eczeme appears?

What treatment options do my dermatologists recommend? 

Is it better to have an annual exam or yearly exam?

What treatments have worked for me in the past?

How long do I expect to be out of the office? 

How long will it take for a dermatologists’ visit?

What’s the best time to call a dermatopath or other dermatologist? 

Should I get an appointment with a dermatographer?

What makes me feel comfortable calling a dermatodist?

What sort of tests do my doctors recommend?

Will my dermatologist ask me to come to the office again?

What advice do I want to hear from my doctor?

Is it safe to call an otorhinolaryngologist?

What is a corneal biopsy?

What has my doctor said about corneas?

Can I go to a dermatologic office without a skin exam?

Can a dermatological visit be done with a phone call?

What information do I wish to have from my dermatopath?

What questions can I ask my dermatology doctor?

What have I learned about my skin in the last year?

How can I contact my dermatodists?

What medical and skin care questions do I still have to ask?

Is there an alternative to a skin examination? 

Why should I trust my dermatologic professional to make the right decision for me and my family?

What symptoms do I experience when I have an allergic reaction to a product or treatment?

What would you recommend I do about my eczemic skin? 

Where can I go for advice on treating acne? 

Who should I talk to if I do get an eczemia or psoriasis flare-up? 

Do I need to get a doctor’s note before a doctor comes to my dermatological appointment?

What else should I know about skin care?

What I can do to make sure my dermatographic office is staffed with qualified dermatologists?

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