New skin-care line for Asian countries

New skin-care line for Asian countries

South Korea’s leading cosmetic brand is launching a new line of skin-cleansing creams for Asian nations, targeting the region’s most stubborn skin issues.

The line, South Korean brand Southlake, said Monday that it had acquired a joint venture between Korea-based Janssens AB and Korean cosmetics giant L’Oreal SA, bringing the total investment to US$2.1 billion.

It is the largest investment by an Asian cosmetics company in South Korea.

Southlake will produce and sell the Southlake Dermatology Solutions line in the U.S. and Canada, which will include a range of products to be marketed at Asian clients, the company said in a statement.

The Southlake skin-conditioning line will include three types of products, including a skincare cream, face mask, and facial scrub, Southlake said.

The two companies will collaborate on Southlake’s launch of, an online retail site that will offer an online shopping service that will also allow customers to order products online from Southlake.

Southwood Dermatologist, a Seoul-based cosmetic dermatologist, said she had not yet seen the Southgate Dermatological Solutions line.

“I’m sure that the skin-product line will be very popular in Asian countries and that’s why we are happy about it,” said Dr. Eunji Lee, chief dermatologist at Seoul’s Lee Young University Medical Center. will offer a range to help Asian customers achieve a more balanced skin and reduce skin issues, said Dr Lee.

L’Orecôte SA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Southgate said it was developing the South Lake online store, which would be a separate online portal, as well as a mobile app.

According to the company, Southgate is partnering with L’Oréal SA on the Southwood Skin-care products.

Southoak Dermatologic will also sell a range in the United States.

Southlake was launched in 2014.

L’ Oréal was established in 1980, and its skin-condensing products are marketed in South Asia and other countries.

SouthPark has been in business for 15 years, Southpark said in an email. is also in business.

South Park Dermatologists is also expanding its range of dermatological products in the Asia Pacific region, the email said.

South Park also operates Southlake Cosmetics.

South Lake Cosmetics is in business in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, it said.

The company is also developing an Asian brand.

South Lakeskin Cosmetics operates in Europe and Latin America, South Lake said in its email.

South Lake is SouthlakeCosms Cosmetics, which is based in Seoul, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of L’Ocean SA, South said in the email.

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