How to tell if a skincare brand is a skin-care brand?

How to tell if a skincare brand is a skin-care brand?

Upstate New York dermatologist Katy Dermatology, author of the book Skin-Care for the All, and upstate dermatologist Karen Levy talk about the differences between skin- and skincares.

They discuss the importance of skin care in everyday life and what to look for when buying products.

They also talk about their experience as patients, where they have been diagnosed and how to manage their skin.

Katy Derma is a professor at Upstate University.

Katy Levy is a graduate of Upstate College.

Both have degrees in Dermatologic Surgery and Surgery Education.

They both have offices in Manhattan.

Find more local news and information at UpState New York, Katy Dermo Dermatologist, and Katy Levy, Upstate Dermatological Doctor.

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