Goodman dermatologists warn patients against using anti-histamines

Goodman dermatologists warn patients against using anti-histamines

Goodman’s dermatologists have warned patients against taking anti-hypertensive drugs and anti-malarial medication, saying they can be dangerous for the skin.

The dermatologists of Goodman, an Atlanta-based dermatology practice, say patients should not take the medications and that anti-dandruff drugs can be toxic.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the anti-diabetic medication Zaltrap for use as a treatment for people who have diabetes and have severe side effects such as severe rash and fever.

Zaltra is the most common form of insulin for diabetics, which can cause the body to make too much insulin, causing it to lose control of blood sugar.

The company’s website says Zaltras side effects include severe, fast-spiking skin rash and fatigue, as well as severe joint pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

The drug can also cause kidney and liver problems.

The drugs, which are sometimes called diuretics, have become a mainstay in treatment for diabetes, but doctors say they can also lead to side effects.

The Goodmans dermatologists say the drugs are safe for the elderly and children.

They also said people should not be taking them in high doses for extended periods of time.

Goodman has a history of making safety decisions based on how much money the company makes.

The dermatologists wrote that the company has made a lot of money from its diabetes business, which has included a lucrative deal to make Zaltrops insulin.

The FDA has approved more than 200,000 doses of Zaltrabs insulin.

But the dermatologists also wrote that some of the drugs can cause serious side effects and could lead to serious infections.

They urged patients to stay away from Zaltreas and other insulin products.

The drug is made by Pfizer and is sold in the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, China, Australia and the United States.

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