FourFour Two: Clear Lake dermatology consultants at Fairfield dermatologist

Two of the top three dermatology companies in the state of California, Clear Lake Dermatology and Dr. Joe Pappas, are both located in Fairfield.

Clear Lake has been offering dermatology services in Fairfields neighborhood since 2014.

Dr. Pappos is a nationally recognized dermatologist and was the founding chairman of Clear Lake’s dermatology division.

Both companies offer dermatological services in Clearfield, Lake Forest and the San Joaquin Valley. 

The companies also offer a wide range of dermatology care, including surgery, dermatology exams, skin care, prescription drugs and laboratory tests. 

 Dr. Pindas and Dr Pappases company website describes their dermatology practices as: “Our team will help you heal your skin, relieve the pressure on your skin and heal any condition that may be causing problems to your skin.” 

 Both Dr Pindases and Clear Lake are also recognized for their innovative research and medical research. 

“Dr. Joe has led Clear Lake to be the leader in dermatology research and clinical development for over a decade.

He has helped lead the development of treatments that are effective for treating skin conditions including skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis and psoriasmus,” said Lisa K. Williams, president and CEO of Clearlake. 

While both Dr Papps and Clearlake are nationally recognized for dermatology practice, they are not recognized for having a dermatology program in their area. 

According to the Fairfield Star-Telegram, Dr Pappascos company website states that “Clear Lake’s clinical and laboratory expertise in dermatological diagnosis, treatment, and prevention is well known in the community.” 

“Our dermatology team of Drs.

Joe and Patricia Pappaskas is well respected nationally and internationally,” the site said. 

When asked why Dr Poppas is not being recognized, Williams said “They’re still working on their curriculum and they’re still trying to find their way to get it on the website.” 

The Clear Lake and Dr Joe Pindassons website states “Patricia and Dr Charles Pappasin have been working to create a clinical dermatology education program for over 10 years.

They are now at the final stage of that process, which will provide students with an overview of the dermatology field and the dermatological practice model.

Their dermatology programs are available in Fairmont, Lakeland and San Bernardino counties.”

The programs are aimed at young students, ages 8 to 17 years, and will include dermatology classes, elective courses, and lab testing.” 

Dr Joe Pappa, “I was very disappointed when I saw this article,” said Linda R. Pajak, the executive director of ClearLake Dermatologists Association. 

Rajak is the executive chair of the association, and has worked with Dr Pappa for over two decades. 

Pajak says “He’s one of the most prominent dermatologists in the area, and this article is really sad for us, and for Dr. Joe and his staff.

We feel it’s not fair for them to not be recognized for what they do and what they have been doing. 

He’s really been a pioneer, and we really look forward to seeing him in his new home in California, and hopefully, we can work with him to continue to advance our dermatology work in the Valley.” 

Both Pappas and Clearlake have a long history of dermatological research.

In a 2015 article in the American Journal of Dermatologic Surgery, the company published a study which indicated “there was no significant difference in skin cancer incidence rates between those who had undergone the diagnosis and those who did not.” According to the article,  “About 5.2% of those who underwent the diagnosis had at least one other skin cancer compared with 1.8% of the non-diagnosed group.

Of the 5.4% of skin cancers that were diagnosed, the majority were skin cancers on the lower back, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.

The majority of skin cancer on the upper back was skin cancer of the skin in the back of the neck, but not the back or abdomen.” 

Papas’ New York Times article stated “We are working hard to increase awareness of dermatologic procedures, especially on children and young adults, to prevent skin cancer.” 

However, two months ago in the US, a study published in the journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, did find “that the incidence of skin lesions among children younger than 18 years was higher in those who received the epidermal excision procedures, including the removal of their skin by the

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