New guidelines on skincare for women

A new dermatology book has been published to advise women on how to stay hydrated and keep their skin looking and feeling healthy.

Katy Dermatology explains that while skincares are a crucial part of daily life, the average person’s skin is still not hydrated, even if they are doing daily exercise and eating healthy.

The book, The Skin That Matters, is available for purchase from Amazon and

The book was inspired by a real-life experience of being a mother of two girls and the fact that both girls have dry skin and it makes a big difference to their overall skin care regimen.

The authors of the book say that although it’s not a mandatory component of daily skincaring, skincars are an important part of maintaining a healthy skin that is hydrated throughout the day.

The authors suggest the following tips for maintaining hydration:Use a sunscreen before going to the beach and at night when the sun is shining.

It is essential to get enough sun exposure, especially in the summer months.

Do not wash your face with soap after washing it with water.

Use a moisturizer, such as Gels Plus or Revlon.

When showering, use a moisturizing facial wash or shower gel.

You can also try using a cream, mask or powder to moisturize your face, while moisturizing your hands and face.

Apply a face wash to the back of your hand and your fingers.

Apply the same moisturizer on the top of your face and neck, then massage and moisturize each part of your body with a facial scrub.

You should not use an eyelash curler, as it will dry out your skin.

Use the same hand sanitizer as the rest of your family to wash your hands before you leave the house.

Use an exfoliating mask or sponge, then apply it to the whole face, and rinse thoroughly.

Wash your hands after each use with a cleanser, and use a washcloth to use in the sink.

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