How a new drug is helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus

How a new drug is helping to reduce the spread of the coronavirus

A brand new drug being tested in Canada is working to cut the spread in the United States by nearly 80 percent.

Dr. Richard Loeffler is one of the inventors of the drug.

It’s called AZT-9, and it has been approved for use in Canada and the United Kingdom.

It also has the potential to be approved in the U.S. in the next few months.

Loeffer says he’s excited about the new drug.

He says he had the first vaccine in the late 1990s.

And he says there’s a lot of good research out there that suggests it can have an impact.

Dr, Richard Lueffler, founder of the AZT drug, talks to CBC News in Vancouver.

He has seen a big increase in cases in the US.

Now he’s seeing that the drug is being used to treat a serious disease that we can’t get anywhere else.

We’re not going to get it here.

I think that’s the reason why it’s working.

He is hoping that it can be used for the United Nations and to prevent a pandemic.

Dr LoeFFERL says he and his colleagues have been able to develop the drug in the laboratory at the University of Toronto.

They’ve created a compound called AZAT-9.

They’re also making it in the lab in California.

They say it’s very safe.

They tested it in rats, mice and primates.

Lueffer says they’ve been able, in the last few months, to see an increase in the number of cases in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Dr Haim Kohn of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto says this is a good thing for Canada.

It means that more patients are getting the drug, which is good for patients.

Kohn says he thinks that we should be focusing more on prevention.

He points out that the new treatment is already being used in a lot more countries.

Canada is very close to the top of the list.

But he says it’s still a very big country.

He tells us that Canada has the second highest number of deaths from coronaviruses.

He expects that number to climb further.

KOHN: But he’s also optimistic that the number is going to increase.

But there’s also another reason to be optimistic.

KORENBERG: The reason why we’re optimistic is because we’re very close.

So I think the next step is that we’re going to be able to get the vaccine to a lot bigger population, and that’s going to mean more cases and deaths.

So we’re really excited about this new treatment and this work that we are doing.

We have to be very careful because this is not going into a vaccine.

It could cause more problems, including transmission of other diseases.

So, we want to be sure that we understand what we’re doing, and we want the data to show that it’s effective.

We need to be confident that we have a drug that we know is safe and that it has an impact, but we need to make sure that it does not cause more harm.

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